The Effects of the Media On 

      The mass media serves as an invaluable purveyor of information to the public. The information supplied by the media may be explicitly stated, as in warnings of dangerous weather conditions. The images displayed in the media may also contain implicit messages, such as ideas about attractiveness and standards of beauty. As media consumption steadily increases, so too does the cumulative impact of these messages.

     As an agent of socialization, the mass media can influence the propagation of existing cultural norms and instigate the establishment of new standards of behavior. Unfortunately, when an individual perceives the skewed and unrealistic images displayed in the media as the norm, it can have a detrimental impact on his or her well-being. This concept is illustrated by the well-documented effects that the media has on body-image and self-esteem. This project is intended to investigate the extent to which this phenomenon occurs and explore its implications.

Group Members:

Ashley Reeber
Aiyana Shelton
Krystal Snell
Kimberly Witkowski